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Rosebud Stationery & Office Supplies – Richard Brown

Rosebud Stationery & Office Supplies
32 Wannaeue Place
Rosebud VIC 3939
Phone: 03 5981 2733

Dear Ray,

We have employed your services for some 2 & ½ years and I am delighted to provide my testimony here that others may consider the benefits; both in their business and their personal lives.

In a business sense, through this time we have adopted measures and processes which give our business the strength to manage the day to day stresses of everyday activity yet still allowing us to focus on the things that make our business grow; one of the many challenges we as business owners all struggle to attain. Our Organizational structure is better defined providing staff with certainty of their role and arming them with the knowledge to achieve our set targets. Our staff regularly comment on the enjoyment they have when coming to work at Rosebud Stationery without prompting and their positive focus means negativity has no hold in our business. Targets are regularly achieved with positive effect on our workforce and as all processes are tested and measured, we don’t get bound up in pursuing those that don’t.

Our other store, Westernport Office Supplies now also employs Rays services and I can note the difference in the professionalism our Manager there now applies to all matters. The staff there are likewise focused and have a hunger and passion to achieve our business goals as they now are part of the equation and the outcome. The benefits are so noticeable, one of our former Partners was prompted to comment on the positive changes that has occurred within their Store Manager. We no longer ‘Manage by crisis’, but collectively seek solutions that enable us to resolve all matters without abdicating responsibility for the task. The use of your DISC programme to evaluate potential employees has improved the quality of our workforce and recruitment is no longer ‘best guess’ or hit and miss, but applied in a logical way you should look for a potential candidate; ‘does this person have the attributes, talents and personality to make them suitable for the role?’

In a personal sense, I also have to thank Ray for the work I have done with him as it has no doubt made a substantial difference to the way I now react to adversity in life as I now do in business. This year I was threatened with a serious illness and through it all I was able to focus on providing the team with the requisite resources to our success continues as a consequence, I have now a Shop Manager any business would be proud of. Amanda, now with Ray’s contribution in my absence, has flowered into a strong, resourceful, considerate and forward focused Manager, without whom I have no certainty my business would have survived, let alone continued to prosper. At the same time Ray personally kept contact with me through my illness encouraging me not to ‘let things go’, but to focus on plans for my return later this year and I am indebted to him for the change in me. I would go so far as to say that with any certainty 2 ½ years ago I would have felt so strong and confident within myself that had the same circumstance befallen me I would have stood up to it as well as I have.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ray Strongman to any business owner who wants to take on their existing and future challenges, grow, prosper and to achieve their potential.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Brown

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