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Ray Strongman's coaching options

Ray offers you a complementary business coaching session

Choosing the right sort of coaching can be difficult until you have met Ray and he has had a chance to see where you are at and how he feels he can make the most effective use of your time and resources and give you the best value.

You also need to meet Ray and find out if you will be comfortable working with him. Working with Ray can be tough, he will ask difficult questions and he will hold you to account!

Ray’s Rules of the Game.

It is important with anything we do in life that we understand the “Rules of the Game”. If you don’t want to play by the rules then don’t play the game. Business Coaching is no different. To make Business coaching with Ray effective and to get the best value from it Ray needs you to understand the following.

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As your coach I will be:

•  An unreasonable, yet compassionate friend.
•  A knowledge base to answer your tough questions.
•  Someone you’ll brainstorm with.
•  Someone you’ll be accountable to. Somebody to keep you focused.
•  Someone you can confide in.
•  A Teacher, Coach and Mentor.

What I will not be:

  • Someone who’ll let you get away with not doing things.
  • A Guru, Superstar or Miracle Worker.
  • An employee you can sack .
  • A Business Consultant.
  • Someone you can hide things from.
  • A Robot – I am also human and may make mistakes.

What I require from you:

  • Be on time for all appointments.
  • Complete all work by agreed deadlines.
  • Make quick decisions.
  • Test and Measure.
  • Celebrate your WINS and Praise your team.
  • Ensure all payments are correct and made on time.
  • To refer me to others you know of who could use my services.
    Stick with the program for at least 12 months so we can see long term results.
    Communicate IMMEDIATELY if any of these commitments cannot be met.

What happens during coaching:

  • Planning – from a simple Action plan right through to a full Business Plan.
  • Sales – Lead Conversion and Average Dollar Sale.
  • Marketing – Lead Generation and Repeat Business.
  • Financials – Testing & Measuring, Ratios, Key Performance Indicators, Cash flows and Margins.
  • Team – Team management and Leadership.
  • Systems – Design, Documentation and Monitoring .
    You – Your Goals, your Skills, your Beliefs and your Identity.

One on One business coaching with Ray.

One on one business coaching is quite simply – whatever it takes to get your business growing in a profitable and productive way. It is about breaking open the barriers that are holding your business back. One on one coaching involves a weekly meeting, usually in Ray’s office, at the same time each week and a considerable amount work that will need to be completed in between.

These meetings will be about helping you achieving the right mindset, setting clear goals, understanding what your business will look like in a years time and a plan of how to get there. They will also be about getting control of your finances, leading your team to be more productive and in tune with your goals. Setting up marketing programs to drive consistent and profitable sales.

None of this is achieved with out a great deal of hard work and commitment. With Ray’s help business is fun, because your business will start working for you!  As part of one on one coaching you get unlimited phone access to Ray.

Blocks of business coaching, designed for smaller business.

In the early days of a business, business owners are often hands on and don’t have the time or money to commit to the weekly sessions. Ray offer you a block of five coaching sessions that can be used over a six month period. Ray will also be in touch with you, on a weekly basis, via phone.

The idea behind these sessions is to help the hands on business owner to grow their business to the point where they have the time to work “on” their business rather than “in” it. To truly be the owner of your business rather than an employee.

Team training.

Every successful sporting team has a coach. To be successful in business you and your team need a coach. Most of the time you, as the the business owner, will coach your team. From time to time a fresh voice carrying the same message can be very productive. Ray’s ability to connect with people makes him the ideal person to be that fresh voice.  You may also find that your team will open up to an outsider and you may learn where some of the barriers to growth in your business really are.

During this half day session Ray will make sure everyone understands your business goals, and their part in achieving them. He will make sure they understand the culture that you want in your business, that they understand the “Rules of the game”

Business owners – alignment and goals.

This half day session, away from your business and the phones, is an intensive session to really get you to focus on what makes your business different and where it is going. It’s about aligning your own personal goals and your business goals, brainstorming what lies ahead for your business, a plan to accomplish it and the steps that you need to take.

Where does Ray Strongman Coach?

Ray coaches business all over Australia and New Zealand. Although the bulk of them come from the Melbourne area and more particularly, the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Dandenong, Hallam, Breaside and Carrum Downs.