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Mark Arnold Electrical Services

When Mark Arnold engaged Ray Strongman as his business coach it was to be Mark’s last crack at making his business work. He had many ideas but somehow could not quite find a way to make them work at the same time as earning a living.

His first dream was to have a business that simply made a profit. He wanted to employ more electricians, to be able to spread the load, each with their own “Arnold Electrical” van. He wanted his own scissor lift so that he did have to wait in turn at the hire shop.

Mark had also seen a really good opportunity to start an electrical switchboard manufacturing business but just couldn’t see how to make it all work.

At home, Mark and his wife wanted a healthy child and the security of an investment property.

These may seem like simple achievements on paper but to Mark they were “pipe dreams”. Making the move from working on the business, not in it, seemed a step too far.

With Ray’s cunsulting, sound advise and optimistic outlook Mark has been able to change all this. In just four short years sales in Mark’s business has grown by 700%. He has a team of eight people in their own vans! He owns two scissor lifts and has a Electrical Switch Board Manufacturing business that never stops growing!

Right from the start Ray gave Mark the confidence to take himself out of his own comfort zone, to think big. He help Mark turn his dreams to plans and in turn to goals and actions. Changes started to happen and results were achieved.

Did it all go to plan, no of course not, but during the tough times Ray’s optimistic nature kept Mark focused on the end game and together they pulled through. With Rays guidance Mark implemented systems that continue to allow the business to grow.

Mark is rightly very proud of the steady controlled growth he and his team have been able to achieve. However he would be the first to admit that having two health young kids waiting for him at home gives him the most pleasure, and whats more, he has the time to enjoy them!

Dear Ray,

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for being an integral part of our team.

Since joining Ray we have employed 8 new excellent, complementary people. We had some rough times at the start but looked on the positive side of every situation, which has given us the opportunity to learn more and improve. In the past 4 years our sales have increased by 700% with a consistent group of clients.

Having a business coach is a key element of our success as we have you watching over us to ensure our goals become reality and that we are held accountable for our actions.

Thanks again and looking forward to another thriving year.

Mark Arnold
Arnold Electrical Services
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Hallam, VIC 3803

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