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FAQs: Do you have questions about business coaching with Ray?

Listed below are some of the common questions that people want to ask Ray. Please click on the question to read a brief answer. If you would like more information or have other questions not covered on this page please contact Ray. Either give him a ring on 0412 266 794 or if after hours send him and email.


Ray has a number of different coaching programs, each involving different amounts of his time. Ray will help you choose the most appropriate one for your circumstances. However the critical thing here is not what it will cost you to take on Ray, but how much it will cost you if you don’t?

Every year you pay a considerable amount of money to an Accountant to tell you what has happened. Ray will help you focus on the future a help you make it happen. You can’t change your past but you can change your future.

The length of time it takes before Ray’s coaching starts paying for it’self is entirely dependant on how hard you are prepared to work. One to two months is not unusual.

The only contract you have is with yourself. In life “Nothing changes if nothing changes” and Ray will be your catalyst to change. Long term change, the sort that sticks, takes time. So if you are thinking of taking on a Business Coach the minimum term you should be thinking about is 12 months. That said, circumstances change and some people find Ray’s disciplined approach just too difficult or prefer to stay inside their comfort zone.

As you will hear from the video testimonials on this website most of Ray’s client’s want him to be around for the long haul. Once Ray has helped you get the fundamentals of your business right and you are driving consistent growth, he will them help you grow with your business, and help you to develop into a leader and entrepreneur.

Like everything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Ray does not do the work for you. Ray’s skill is to get your mind focused on where your are going and how to get there. Ray will ask the hard questions.

He will expect you to set yourself agreed tasks and stick rigidly to the timing you set. Ray expects you to perform. He is not interested in hearing your excuses. You will become as results driven as he is and in turn he will insist on celebrating your wins.

Simply put, the willingness to do whatever it takes to drive yourself and your business to success.

Initially Ray will want to visit your place of work to understand how it ticks and to meet your team. After a while he would prefer if you come to his office so that you are away from the minute by minute challenges of your business and can concentrate entirely on working on your business and not in it. One hour away from your business with Ray can be worth two or three at your business.

Accountant based business advisers will look at your figures and tell you what has happened and what you ought to do about it. Ray’s coaching is looking at the figures, or “numbers” as he calls them, on a very regular basis, not just to see what has happened but to measure how well the changes that you are making are working. 

There is no point in looking at the end the quarter or worse still the year and saying “that didn’t work”. We need to look weekly or even daily and be able say “that was better than yesterday, but not as good as last week”, and then ask the question why and make another adjustment? It’s called gaining control of your business.

Also Ray works with you on a very regular basis so he knows your business almost as well as you do. He has an arsenal of ideas drawn from his own experience in business, his training and constant reading that he can suggest and discuss with you. Working with Ray is like having a very proactive additional partner on board.

At times yes, there are however very few occasions when a project is so separate from the business as a whole that it does not involve some fundamental adjustments being made to the business to successfully pull off a specific project.

Absolutely, Ray’s first priority will be to get you on track and driving your business on the road to success. However if the team are on a different track it will never work. Helping you create a team culture of understanding and willingness to go on the journey with you is all part of Ray’s coaching. He will make sure that you have “the right people on your bus” with you . Helping you to make the decision who and when to employ giving you space grow your business, is another element in Ray’s coaching.

Ray will want to know all about your business warts and all. There is no point in working to change the surface if there is an under current pulling in the opposite direction. Yes it can be confronting to start with coming clean to someone about the not so good things that happen. Ray is totally professional and discreet and will work with you right from the bottom up to get the foundations right.

Ray coaches businesses all over Australia and New Zealand. Although the bulk of them come from the Melbourne area and more particulaly from the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Dandenong, Hallam, Breaside and Carrum Downs.