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Case Study - Enhanced Myotherapy

Enhanced Myotherapy is a specialised Myotherapy and Soft tissue clinic in Mornington, on the Mornington Peninsula. They have been in operation since July 2004.  Enhanced Myotherapy has grown into a solid business entity with an exceptional reputation for delivering the utmost professional soft tissue care.

Kym Mathers the owner of Enhanced Myotheropy, credits much of her business success to Ray Strongman her business coach.  Kym had realized that as a sought after Myotherapist she needed help to run the business side of her clinic.

She chose Ray as her business coach, not just because of his experience in business and his reputation as a no nonsense and successful coach, but because of his “Emotional Intelligence” . Kym explains:

“As a business owner I am also a person and individual. As a Myotherapist I deal with people on an intensely personal level and that is part of my skill. A business coach who throws the corporate handbook at me and tells me to read it, just does not get it as far as I am concerned. Ray connects with me and gets what I want to do and why I am doing it. That’s why he is so special”

Rays skill is to mesh the disciplines of running a business in with Kym’s personal drive and beliefs. Sometimes that means getting Kym to question what is driving her and helps to keep her personal life balanced.

Kym is another of Ray’s clients who is achieving higher and higher business and personal goals. Kym attributes this to two core reasons. Firstly he has helped me to develop a disciplined business structure with decisions based on the numbers within the business. Secondly Ray understands what makes his clients tick as people and openly encourages them to achieve their dreams.


Dear Ray,

Since commencing business coaching twelve months ago my business has grown from strength to strength. Your kind and consistent approach has seen me grasp many business fundamentals that have assisted me in implementing the necessary formula to create a successful, self sufficient business.

The growth that we have experienced has not only been financial, it has seen a happier team environment with an extremely dynamic culture and many more satisfied customers all supporting consistent growth.

The journey to date has been extremely beneficial and a lot of fun. It has seen me grow both in business and personally and has also helped my family through much better time management. I thank you Ray for all of your dedicated time and effort over the past twelve months and look forward to what we will be creating in the future.

Kym Mathers
Enhanced Myotherapy
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