Case Study - Rebello Wines

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Case Study - Rebello Wines

Rebello Wines is a multi award winning fruit winery from the Mornington Peninsula. The latest addition to it’s family being Cheeky Rascal Cider, a 100% pure fruit cider blend which has revolutionized cider in Australia


Although the Winery and Cider House is based on the Mornington Peninsula husband and wife team, Matt and Ruth Gallace, run the business from their office in Toorak, Melbourne.

Ray Strongman has been Matt and Ruth business coach for the last 3 years. The initial challenges were to build systems that would allow the business to grow, recruiting the right team to drive the growth and then to manage cashflow as the business out grew its business plan almost on a weekly basis! In the last 18 months sales have grown by 550% .

Both Matt and Ruth are talented entrepreneurs with a real feel for the market, how to reach it and what it wants. The way they use their passionate customers to help them develop new flavours and then employ “gorilla market” to promote and drive demand is clever. Ray’s involvement has been to make sure that the company has a really solid base to support this extraordinary growth.

As Matt mentions in his video testimonial, it is Ray’s preparedness to continually ask the hard questions and act, not as a brake, but rather a keel to highly tuned racing yacht, that makes him so valuable.

Rebello Wines
1438 Mornington-Flinders Road
Main Ridge – Mornington Peninsula
VIC 3928, Australia

Phone: 03 9001 9205

Case Study - Bellbird Kid-Z Educational Resources

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Case Study  -  Bellbird Kid-Z Educational Resources

Bellbird Kid-Z Educational Resources is a wholesale provider to schools, kindergartens and childcare centres. The company has been owned by the Dean family for many years.


When Ray Strongman joined the team at Bellbird as their business coach the company was facing it’s biggest challenge – wanting to pass the business on to the next generation without burdening them with enormous debt. Succession had become a huge issue to the point where other business decisions were being stalled.

Rays ability to understand and empathise with people helps him guide both generations to structure a plan that is a real win/win for all parties.

With everyone on the same track it was time to move the business to new heights. With the full backing from Mum and Dad their son Trent took over as Managing Director and, with the help of his wife Angela, and Ray they have been able to grow the business 66% in four years.

This predictable growth has had its roots in Ray encouraging Trent and his team to really understand their business and its financials. With this background a clear vision for the future emerged.

With Ray’s help a new team of eight customer focused people were recruited to build stronger relationships within the industry. Coupled with a better designed catalogue and an on-line store Bellbird has started to get some real traction in the market place and the future is looking very bright.

Mum and Dad are enjoying their well earned retirement in financial security, enjoying watching Trent and Angela take their business to new heights!

Case Study - Walk On Podiatry

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Case Study - Walk On Podiatry

Walk on Podiatry is owned and run by Brad Dredge and his hard working team of Podiatrists and receptionists. They have four clinics in Narre Warren, Hastings, and more recently, in Pakenham and Chelsea. They specialize in the diagnostics and management of foot and leg disorders and abnormalities in the way we stand, walk and run


As Brad mentions in his video testimonial, Ray has helped him move from being a total technician struggling to manage a business to being a business owner with great entrepreneurial spirit.

When Ray Strongman started working with Brad as his business coach it was more a matter of getting Brad to see how he had to make the change to his mind set before the business would change. Brad mentions two critical changes that Ray helped him to make, the first in the way he used his time and identified the truly important things to be doing and the second was how to create an organized structure.

Once Brad could see the way forward Ray helped him recruit the right team and to create a great working environment for that team to thrive in. He also helped Brad set up systems that would allow him to expand from his initial clinic in Narre Warren.

As well as being able to expand his business to four clinics, Brad also has the foundation from which he can launch his new and exiting ideas to help educate allied health practitioners in the ways that Podiatry can benefit their clients.


“Ray Strongman, our Business Coach, has been part of our team for the past year now and have been instrumental in adjusting my priorities not only in my work environment but also in life. This positive effect has now flowed onto my staff and as a result the Podiatry Clinics we operate are now productive, positive and enjoyable environments to work in.

I was the classic example of the technician pushing the boundaries of my work ethic and then also attempting to manage staff, oversee the financials, produce effective marketing and attempt to live a life. Ray has helped me with so many aspects but the 2 that will always stick with me are learning to manage your time and focus on the truly important things (and they may not be what you think they are) and learning how to create organised structure. Make no mistake this was not an easy task but without the assistance of Ray it would have been impossible. At present we have just finished the 3rd quarter of the year and at our Hastings clinic alone we have taken in a 100% increase in total billings and increased our new patient numbers by 150%.

Ray has helped me build a foundation that I can launch new and exciting ideas from that would have otherwise seemed out of reach. I have recommended Ray too many business associates that I have and would not hesitate to do so again. If anyone would like to discuss this in more detail they can contact my clinic on 8790 3755 and I will be more than happy to speak further.”

Brad Dredge

Walk on Podiatry
Narre Warren, Pakenham, Hastings and Chelsea

Case Study - Mark Arnold Electrical Services

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Mark Arnold Electrical Services

When Mark Arnold engaged Ray Strongman as his business coach it was to be Mark’s last crack at making his business work. He had many ideas but somehow could not quite find a way to make them work at the same time as earning a living.

His first dream was to have a business that simply made a profit. He wanted to employ more electricians, to be able to spread the load, each with their own “Arnold Electrical” van. He wanted his own scissor lift so that he did have to wait in turn at the hire shop.

Mark had also seen a really good opportunity to start an electrical switchboard manufacturing business but just couldn’t see how to make it all work.

At home, Mark and his wife wanted a healthy child and the security of an investment property.

These may seem like simple achievements on paper but to Mark they were “pipe dreams”. Making the move from working on the business, not in it, seemed a step too far.

With Ray’s cunsulting, sound advise and optimistic outlook Mark has been able to change all this. In just four short years sales in Mark’s business has grown by 700%. He has a team of eight people in their own vans! He owns two scissor lifts and has a Electrical Switch Board Manufacturing business that never stops growing!

Right from the start Ray gave Mark the confidence to take himself out of his own comfort zone, to think big. He help Mark turn his dreams to plans and in turn to goals and actions. Changes started to happen and results were achieved.

Did it all go to plan, no of course not, but during the tough times Ray’s optimistic nature kept Mark focused on the end game and together they pulled through. With Rays guidance Mark implemented systems that continue to allow the business to grow.

Mark is rightly very proud of the steady controlled growth he and his team have been able to achieve. However he would be the first to admit that having two health young kids waiting for him at home gives him the most pleasure, and whats more, he has the time to enjoy them!

Dear Ray,

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for being an integral part of our team.

Since joining Ray we have employed 8 new excellent, complementary people. We had some rough times at the start but looked on the positive side of every situation, which has given us the opportunity to learn more and improve. In the past 4 years our sales have increased by 700% with a consistent group of clients.

Having a business coach is a key element of our success as we have you watching over us to ensure our goals become reality and that we are held accountable for our actions.

Thanks again and looking forward to another thriving year.

Mark Arnold
Arnold Electrical Services
Factory 4A Dallas Court
Hallam, VIC 3803

Phone 03 9796 3600

Case Study - Enhanced Myotherapy

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Case Study - Enhanced Myotherapy

Enhanced Myotherapy is a specialised Myotherapy and Soft tissue clinic in Mornington, on the Mornington Peninsula. They have been in operation since July 2004.  Enhanced Myotherapy has grown into a solid business entity with an exceptional reputation for delivering the utmost professional soft tissue care.

Kym Mathers the owner of Enhanced Myotheropy, credits much of her business success to Ray Strongman her business coach.  Kym had realized that as a sought after Myotherapist she needed help to run the business side of her clinic.

She chose Ray as her business coach, not just because of his experience in business and his reputation as a no nonsense and successful coach, but because of his “Emotional Intelligence” . Kym explains:

“As a business owner I am also a person and individual. As a Myotherapist I deal with people on an intensely personal level and that is part of my skill. A business coach who throws the corporate handbook at me and tells me to read it, just does not get it as far as I am concerned. Ray connects with me and gets what I want to do and why I am doing it. That’s why he is so special”

Rays skill is to mesh the disciplines of running a business in with Kym’s personal drive and beliefs. Sometimes that means getting Kym to question what is driving her and helps to keep her personal life balanced.

Kym is another of Ray’s clients who is achieving higher and higher business and personal goals. Kym attributes this to two core reasons. Firstly he has helped me to develop a disciplined business structure with decisions based on the numbers within the business. Secondly Ray understands what makes his clients tick as people and openly encourages them to achieve their dreams.


Dear Ray,

Since commencing business coaching twelve months ago my business has grown from strength to strength. Your kind and consistent approach has seen me grasp many business fundamentals that have assisted me in implementing the necessary formula to create a successful, self sufficient business.

The growth that we have experienced has not only been financial, it has seen a happier team environment with an extremely dynamic culture and many more satisfied customers all supporting consistent growth.

The journey to date has been extremely beneficial and a lot of fun. It has seen me grow both in business and personally and has also helped my family through much better time management. I thank you Ray for all of your dedicated time and effort over the past twelve months and look forward to what we will be creating in the future.

Kym Mathers
Enhanced Myotherapy
Mobile 0414 893353
Clinic 1300 046 849