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Case Study - Walk On Podiatry

Walk on Podiatry is owned and run by Brad Dredge and his hard working team of Podiatrists and receptionists. They have four clinics in Narre Warren, Hastings, and more recently, in Pakenham and Chelsea. They specialize in the diagnostics and management of foot and leg disorders and abnormalities in the way we stand, walk and run


As Brad mentions in his video testimonial, Ray has helped him move from being a total technician struggling to manage a business to being a business owner with great entrepreneurial spirit.

When Ray Strongman started working with Brad as his business coach it was more a matter of getting Brad to see how he had to make the change to his mind set before the business would change. Brad mentions two critical changes that Ray helped him to make, the first in the way he used his time and identified the truly important things to be doing and the second was how to create an organized structure.

Once Brad could see the way forward Ray helped him recruit the right team and to create a great working environment for that team to thrive in. He also helped Brad set up systems that would allow him to expand from his initial clinic in Narre Warren.

As well as being able to expand his business to four clinics, Brad also has the foundation from which he can launch his new and exiting ideas to help educate allied health practitioners in the ways that Podiatry can benefit their clients.


“Ray Strongman, our Business Coach, has been part of our team for the past year now and have been instrumental in adjusting my priorities not only in my work environment but also in life. This positive effect has now flowed onto my staff and as a result the Podiatry Clinics we operate are now productive, positive and enjoyable environments to work in.

I was the classic example of the technician pushing the boundaries of my work ethic and then also attempting to manage staff, oversee the financials, produce effective marketing and attempt to live a life. Ray has helped me with so many aspects but the 2 that will always stick with me are learning to manage your time and focus on the truly important things (and they may not be what you think they are) and learning how to create organised structure. Make no mistake this was not an easy task but without the assistance of Ray it would have been impossible. At present we have just finished the 3rd quarter of the year and at our Hastings clinic alone we have taken in a 100% increase in total billings and increased our new patient numbers by 150%.

Ray has helped me build a foundation that I can launch new and exciting ideas from that would have otherwise seemed out of reach. I have recommended Ray too many business associates that I have and would not hesitate to do so again. If anyone would like to discuss this in more detail they can contact my clinic on 8790 3755 and I will be more than happy to speak further.”

Brad Dredge

Walk on Podiatry
Narre Warren, Pakenham, Hastings and Chelsea