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Dandenong Business Coach - Ray Strongman

Business coaching is available through Dandenong business coach Ray Strongman – to all businesses in the Dandenong area As you will find through the pages of this website Ray has built a formidable reputation with his clients for helping them achieve great results.

High performance coaching for businesses in Dandenong.

Dandenong has a vibrant business community with many local, national and international business based here. Like all top athletes, all businesses need some form of coaching to take them to the high levels of success. Ray is comfortable coaching to businesses of all types and sizes to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.
“As a direct result of Ray’s work and guidance the company’s net profit has increased 400%!! I couldn’t have made the decisions I wanted to make without this process – it gave me clarity, focus and alignment that was so important to maximise our returns.” Russel Heggen – Shergold Building Services.

Business coaching for trades people.

Many people have become business owners from working on the tools. However running a profitable business is very different from being a highly successful trades person. No one at trade school ever taught you to be a business person. Business cunsulting with Ray is that hands on training that you need now.
“In the past 4 years our sales have increased by 700% with a consistent group of clients. Having a business coach is the key element to our business success as we have you watching over us to ensure our goals become reality and that we are held accountable for our actions.”  Mark Arnold – Arnold Electrical

Business coaching is about developing leadership.

Engage Ray as your business coach and he will help you to evolve into a dynamic leader with a clear vision of where you want to take you business, and the ability to take it and your team there in a controlled and sustainable manner.

Business in Dandenong

Dandenong has a vibrant business community. With the opening of East Link the Melbourne CBD is just 25 mins away. Many SME business are basing themselves in Dandenong to take advantage of the great communication, a growing and talented workforce and the huge growth corridor that is happening around Dandenong.

If you business isn’t growing then it must be dyeing?

If your business is not going anywhere or it should be flying but you are unable to get it off the ground or worse still your employees take home more money that you do. Then it is time to talk to Ray about business coaching. Ray works with client all over Australian and New Zealand.

Case Studies from some of Dandenong business coach Ray Strongman's clients.

Case Study – Mark Arnold Electrical Services

When Mark Arnold engaged Ray it was to be Mark’s last crack at making his business work. He had many ideas but somehow could not quite find a way to make them work at the same time as earning a living.
Just four years later Mark has two thriving businesses, a great team and a time to spend with his young family.

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Case Study – Bellbird Kid-Z Educational Resources

When Ray joined the team at Bellbird the company was facing it’s biggest challenge - Succession from one generation to the next. Mum and Dad are now enjoying their well earned retirement in financial security, enjoying watching the next generation take their business to new heights - with Ray's help of course!

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Case Study – Walk On Podiatry

Brad mentions two critical changes that Ray help him make, the first in the way he used his time and identified the truly important things to be doing and the second was how to create an organized structure.

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