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About Melbourne Business Coach Ray Strongman

Ray is not your average Business Coach.

He is a business man and entrepreneur with twenty eight years experience who has a natural flare for working with fellow business owners.

Although recognised by his peers around the world for his achievements as a business coach, Ray takes far more satisfaction out of the success and fulfilment on a business and personal level of each one of his clients.

What make Ray a very special coach is not just his ability to get the numbers in a business growing but his ability to work with the owner to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

As a Business Coach, Ray inspires people to do their best, he has an amazing affect on people.

Ray finds that people will often have a limited vision of what they can accomplish in their business. Breaking old mindsets and instigating systems of change that will alter the way they view their business and their life is an important part of his coaching.

He works with his clients to help them clearly define their vision and goals and put into place the necessary systems, strategies and procedures that will allow them transformation of their business.

Ray’s astute emotional intelligence, his integrity and true care for the people he works with is a hallmark of his work as a business coach. Ray gets a huge kick out of seeing people change, grow and transform themselves as well as their business.

When you first start working with Ray you very quickly respect him for his ability to drive results as your business coach. As you get to know him, you start to realize what a special person you are working with.

Working with Ray.

Working with Ray along side you will be challenging, but never dull. As far as Ray is concerned business should always be enjoyable.

His infectious enthusiasm and his drive is empowering, but at the end of the day: “If it is to be, it’s up to me”