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Hi, I am a Melbourne Business Coach with 35 years experience as a business coach, business owner and entrepreneur.


I work with the owners of small and medium-sized Businesses. As their Business Coach I mentor and coach them to leverage their time and grow their skills to build a thriving, profitable business that works without them so they and their families really can “Live the dream”.

My ideal client

My ideal client is a business owner who is peddling hard just to keep afloat, working for the workers and the bank and has lived with only a small income for too long. Your business is running you.

You may be very good at what you do, you just lack the knowledge or framework to build a successful business. That’s where my skills as a Business Coach come in.

Whatever your motivation for being here, you know something has to change and you need help finding it and taking the steps to make it happen, to start on a new path towards a bright and prosperous future.

My point of difference.

My point of difference. Every client is a different person with their own aspirations and personality. There is no formula for people. I am a people person with high emotional intelligence. Put simply I understand people and know how to get the best out of them and sometimes, yes,  that means “Tough love”.
However together we will find a way to coach you to implement the correct way to run your business to make it thrive and be profitable.

My results

My results as a business coach speak for themselves. Please see what my clients say about their experience for working with me on the Case Studies and Testimonial pages.